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Elite Interiors and Architecture

Elite Interiors and Architecture, has a long and proud heritage of more than 3 decades and it is today recognized as a multinational project life cycle group. It’s the Group’s vision, to be a leading multinational Architectural and interior company, that applies its project life cycle capabilities to optimize client’s fixed capital investment. We achieves this by focusing on our expertise and capacity on delivering sustainable project, procurement, design, commissioning, operations and maintenance solutions.





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John Schneider

John Schneider's drive, vision, and tenacity have helped him build his company into a major national force in the architectural design and interior design industries. His dedication to redefining the role of underutilized communities has always distinguished him. John created an extraordinary experience above all others by setting high standards for excellence and assembling some of the world's most talented people. In his organization, John is known as a dedicated leader who inspires others in all of his interactions. Today, ELITE INTERIORS & ARCHITECTURE is one of the most trusted names in the Interior Design and Architectural industries in the United States and Canada..

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Why You Should Trust Us?

Elite Interiors and Architecture commits to be the employer of choice in the architecture and interior design industry and to provide the tools and resources to enable our people to deliver consistently exceptional performance.


Design Approach

Our primary commitment has been to provide exceptional client satisfaction and to raise the bar in terms of client service in the Architectural and Interior design industry..


Innovative Solutions

lite Interiors and Architecture is a leading provider of a wide range of Construction solution for your specification across the globe. Our services are quick and reliable..


Project Management

The technical expertise of our company, Elite Interiors and Architecture, is best for your project for best quality and outcome..